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where you can

rediscover your beautiful voice, your primal sound, bridge the gap between what your body feels comfortable with and what your artistic soul desires out of your performance…then finally become confident in your abilities as a singer and a performer – all because there is complete unity within you.

Watch the video below to get to know me a little better.


I’m doing two events in Orlando:

Do you know what it feels like

when your voice flows without you trying, when singing brings nothing but pleasure, when nothing in your body tenses at the thought of singing?

The only problem? Singing like that, with your primal sound, allowing your emotions to flow through you requires a lot of real courage. And it’s really hard to unlock it by yourself.  


In fact, you’re not alone if you’ve ever felt like:

  • You’re spending hours on leaning different techniques but the needle just isn’t moving – you don’t know how to implement it in real life.


  • You’ve tried everything under the sun from watching YouTube videos to even buying books on the subject and attending different workshops, but you’re still feeling inadequate and don’t trust yourself on the stage.


  • You’re ready to throw in the towel. You’re done trying to set your voice really free. It’s just too hard and you don’t actually know where to start.’Well, I’ll just do what everyone else does. Fake it till you make it, right?’

How do I know?

I can 100% relate to where you’re at now.

My mum is a natural singer. Bummer, I know.

She was born with a gift of perfectly synchronized larynx muscles, cartilages, breath flow and resonance. It’s almost funny how perfect she sounds in any given situation. Then there was this little me – a girl who had NOTHING synchronized yet loved singing.

As far as I can remember I was learning how to sound better, how to fit the requirements, how to mould myself into something similar to what I knew, something familiar and pretty. I had many teachers who shaped and reshaped me over the years and I still was not there – their ideas would get me through a year or two, then I would change and suddenly I was back at square one. So I sought other methods, I switched teachers. It wasn’t until I finally realized  that the problem was (and is) in the system, that I achieved what I’ve always desired – MY VOICE. Because in my whole life NO teacher on any voice lesson, on any workshops looked at me – a student – as a human being. Nobody saw me whole, no one looked at me holistically…quite the opposite: they disassembled me, inspected and fixed every part separately and thought that when they put me back together it will work.

Well, it does work. Until the organism changes. Until the body goes through a transition. Until emotions bubble up. Until the soul screams louder. Until it doesn’t.

I’ve spent the last years learning how to see not a problem to fix but a human being in myself and in my students. And you know what? It WORKS! Always. Without a flaw. And it brings healing and reverses old habits of fight/flight/freeze.

And it creates a wholeness so beautiful that I know nothing more wonderful. And I want to show you and teach you the same thing.

That’s exactly why I’m offering True Voice masterclass almost 20% off today – for just a limited time!

18th or 20th of March!

Imagine finally being able to…

know who you truly are as an artist and boldly express your identity on any stage.

have unshaken confidance in your voice.

connect with your audience on a deeper level and have real impact on their lives!

How do I teach?


The voice is the result of our body, mind, emotions and soul interacting with each other. If one of these is sick, omitted, ignored or drowned out, the voice has no right to be complete. In order for there to be harmony in the voice, there must be harmony within us.

In radical honesty:

I myself went through the process of letting go, releasing my traumas, the therapeutic process with psychologist, the process of admitting my pains and fears … and then the process of renewal and resensitization. And finally, the process of learning to trust again – in myself and in my voice. At each workshop, I meet the singers in radical honesty, teaching them to take off their masks and discover what’s underneath, so that what is uncovered can be healed.

Softly and empathetically :

Sometimes my vocal workshops can resemble group therapy. I am not a therapist, but the level of my empathy allows me to physically feel singers blockages, tensions and then helps me remove them through manual therapy and by working with their bodies and minds. I always make sure to give a singer the space to decide how deep they want to go.

Through breathing:

Breath is a process that connects what is in the body with what’s going on on the emotional plane with what is in the mind. With time, the soul also joins. Working with the breath means releasing tensions form the body, means sensitizing and drawing a person in to their “here and now”, which is necessary for good singing. Breathing is also cleansing excessive emotions that block the voice from flowing freely.

With primal sound and flow phonation:

These are vocal techniques based on the physiological training of the body and the voice, the aim of which is to return to the primary sound, the sound that is true and right for a vocalist. Both of these methods exclude the excessive use of thinking and voice control while singing, and instead give a full, resonant and beautiful voice that flows WITHOUT our help, effortlessly.

This is what you can expect at

regular price: 117$

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your price is: 97$

Just for a limited time! Until 5th of March!

But why now? Why is this important today?

Aside from this sale disappearing in just a few days (😉), you’ll want to jump on this today for a few reasons:


  • There is plenty of people that can sing. There is a lot of singers with beautiful voices. BUT there is very few vocalists who are true, who have set their voices free AND who regularly allow themselves to let it go and just be. Those… those are special. And I’d like you to be one of them.


  • I live in Poland. It will be a long time until I come to Orlando again. If you’re still reading, it means you’re seriously considering attending, so no pressure but it’s like …now or never!


  • You deserve it. Your voice needs to be heard! There is a gift for the world hidden inside of you. Please, don’t hide it. Don’t bury it. Let it out


Unfortunately, I’m in Florida only for a couple of days

Bardzo zależy mi na tym, aby szkolenie było dostępne dla wszystkich, którzy są gotowi podjąć tę decyzję. Zależy mi też na tym, aby moi kursanci doświadczyli szybkiego zwrotu inwestycji. Po moim szkoleniu będziesz mógł bez wątpliwości brać za lekcję 150 zł. Przy 10 lekcjach w tygodniu, szkolenie zwraca Ci się w niecałe 4 tygodnie! 

Wierzę, że każdy kto chce, znajdzie rozwiązanie, NATOMIAST tylko pierwszy zjazd jest nie-ruszalny. Jeśli cała grupa będzie chciała przenieść kolejne zjazdy, jest to możliwe. 

TAK! Materiały szkoleniowe dostajesz na zawsze + masz dostęp do grupy wsparcia na fb, gdzie zawsze możesz zadawać pytania.

Chcę mieć absolutną pewność, że szkolenie jest dla Ciebie ORAZ że mogę spełnić Twoje oczekiwania. Ta rozmowa, to taka gwarancja, że na pewno pasujemy do siebie. Ja oceniam Ciebie, a Ty mnie 🙂

W przypadku zmiany zdania do dwóch tygodni przed rozpoczęciem pierwszego zjazdu, zwracamy 100% wpłaconej kwoty bez zadawania pytań. Przy rezygnacji po tym terminie, 100% wpłaconej kwoty nie podlega zwrotowi. 

Are you in?

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